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The Gospel

Everything we do at Trinity is because of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So how is it we receive this amazing gift of grace?


To repent is a change in mind and heart on how you view your sin. So you turn from your sin and you run to Jesus for forgiveness.


Confess to Jesus your sin and the hopelessness that is prevalent because of your sin. Confess that Jesus died in your place covering all your sin and you believe the price has been paid that you might receive forgiveness.


Trust that Jesus is enough, that in His life, death and resurrection you have all you need to receive salvation.


Acknowledge that you are not your own, you have been purchased with a price and live freely as a servant of the most high God.


Joyfully obey what God has called us to in His word, allow the Bible to guide your steps, motivate your action and be the ultimate authority in your life.

If you’ve decided to accept this gift of grace or would like more information,

connect with our Pastor below.