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Christmas Isn't Cancelled

Hope at Christmas - Matthew 1:17-23; Luke 1:26-55

Look at the hope shown by Joseph and Mary:

Joseph - Matthew 1:18-25

Christianity takes courage.

  1. Courage in the face of criticism
  2. Courage to give up our rights to self-determination.
  3. Courage to admit you’re a sinner.
  4. “...for he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)

Mary - Luke 1:26-38

Yet, by his life, teaching, death and resurrection,

Jesus convinced his closest Jewish followers that he wasn’t just another prophet pointing the way TO God,

but that he was, in fact, God come to earth to rescue humanity from itself.

Look at How Mary Responds:

  1. She responds thoughtfully.
  2. She responds gradually.
  3. She responds in a measured way, even though she doesn’t totally understand.
  4. She moves to simple acceptance.
  5. She exercises that faith.
  6. She Responds with Wonder.
  7. "Christ in YOU the hope of glory!" - Colossians 1:27